On the heels of rising tensions in the country for the past few weeks, The Atlantic magazine published an article that cites multiple unnamed sources claiming President Trump had made comments privately disparaging service members of the U.S. military. President Trump and the White House have denied these claims in a press conference, calling the story a hoax. Director of the Fox News Decision Desk Arnon Mishkin joins Jacqui Heinrich on the FOX News Rundown to discuss the impact this story may have on voters and how these past few turbulent weeks may set the stage for law and order and urban unrest to become major voting issues in November.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding a federal tax incentive, known as “opportunity zones”.  Proponents say the zones are put in place to encourage investors to put money into the country’s poorest neighborhoods. But, opponents like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are criticizing it saying it’s another way of gentrifying a neighborhood and forcing out the residents who can no longer afford to live there. Rob Rafson is the President of Chart House Energy in Michigan. His company has dealt with opportunity zones and he joins The Rundown to discuss how they work, if they are successful and what needs to be changed to make it better.

Plus, commentary by author and FOX News Contributor Paul Batura.

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